Forth Annual Rio Reels

This year's edition of Rio Reels Film Festival will be held virtually! The same high quality program you've come to expect will be available from Oct 31 - Nov 1. There will also be a silent auction and raffle prizes. Save the date and learn more here.

Vision Statement

Del Norte Riverfront Project

06/04/20 - Robins Construction is currently working on finishing the picnic structure and parking area on the north side of the river. While they work, the north side is closed to traffic, but the playwave is still accessible from the south side. Stay safe and boat at your own risk.

Current Projects

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Past and Current Project Sites

RGHRP selected as Local Expert for BIP

Basin Implementation Plans (BIP) statewide are being updated and the RGHRP was selected to facilitate the Rio Grande's BIP update. To learn more, visit

See what we're up to! Check out our current projects page. The Stream Management Plans for the mainstems of the Rio Grande, Conejos, and Saguache Creek are nearly complete! We are also continuing work on the Del Norte Riverfront Project and planning Phase 5 of our Streambank Stabilization Program. 

The Rio Grande Headwaters Restoration Project is working to improve the function of the Rio Grande in Colorado. This means the river will:
  • Provide high-quality water throughout the Rio Grande in Colorado;
  • Sustain sufficient flow for sediment transport, native riparian vegetation, aquatic and wildlife habitats - all while meeting the Rio Grande Compact obligations; 
  • Support the existing agricultural lifestyle;
  • Contribute to groundwater recharge; 
  • Enhance and sustain aesthetic and recreational values for the residents and visitors to the watershed;
  • Be connected to the floodplain, oxbows, and upland habitat.
Our Mission:

To restore and conserve the historical functions and vitality of the Rio Grande in Colorado for improved water quality, agricultural water use, riparian health, wildlife and aquatic species habitat, recreation and community safety while meeting the Rio Grande Compact.