Rio Grande Headwaters Restoration Project

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Vision Statement: The Rio Grande Headwaters Restoration Project is working to improve the function of the Rio Grande 
​in Colorado. This means the river will:
  • Provide high quality water throughout the Rio Grande in Colorado;​
  • Sustain sufficient flow for sediment transport, native riparian vegetation, aquatic and wildlife habitats - all while meeting the Rio Grande Compact obligations; ​
  • Support the existing agricultural lifestyle;
  • Contribute to groundwater recharge; 
  • Enhance and sustain aesthetic and recreational values for the residents and visitors to the watershed;
  • Be connected to the floodplain, oxbows and upland habitat.

The Mission of the Rio Grande Headwaters Restoration Project:

To restore and conserve the historical functions and vitality of the Rio Grande in Colorado for improved water quality, agricultural water use, riparian health, wildlife and aquatic species habitat, recreation and community safety while meeting the Rio Grande Compact.