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The boat ramp and parking area are still closed during this time, but the playwave can be accessed from the south side of the river. High flows can make boating dangerous. Stay safe, and boat at your own risk.

An informational webinar took place on June 3 offering information on the design and functionality of the playwave. Click here to watch a recording of the webinar. (06/04/20)

Vision Statement

The purpose of the Del Norte Riverfront Project is to improve recreation opportunities and access and the ecological condition of the riparian areas for fish and wildlife habitat on the Rio Grande near North Park in Del Norte. The Del Norte Riverfront Project will, most importantly, create connectivity between the communities and visitors of the San Luis Valley and the river that sustains it.

Current Status

             Great Outdoors Colorado                Colorado Water Conservation Board       Rio Grande County
Gates Family Foundation
Laura Jane Musser Fund
San Luis Valley Conservation and Connection Initiative
Colorado Water Conservation Board
New Belgium Brewing
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Del Norte Riverfront Project


  • Revitalization of the town park, with possible new amphitheater
  • ADA accessible picnic area, with a new parking lot and access road
  • Aquatic habitat improvement with increased breeding and feeding areas
  • Riparian restoration with willow planting and other stabilization projects
  • Permanent hardened boat ramp for put-in and take-out  
  • New boat playwave structure 

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Project Partners

  • Enhance the health of the Rio Grande and the surrounding community
  • Improve the fishery and water quality
  • Encourage the local members of the community and tourists to fish the river
  • Create public access points on the Rio Grande in Del Norte, allowing for recreation in a section of the river that is currently very difficult to access
  • Build inviting space for people to experience the outdoors and enjoy the area
  • Promote recreation tourism, diversifying the town’s economic base


  • Degraded riparian habitat and eroded streambanks due to changing land use practices, removal of  anchoring vegetation, and altered hydrologic regime. 
  • Fragmented aquatic habitat due to multiple upstream diversions. 
  • A disconnection between the community of Del Norte and the Rio Grande, due to lack of recreation and river access infrastructure.

Project Funders

News and Events


The Instream elements of the project have been completed, including a grouted rock playwave, pedestrian river access, channel shaping, and fish habitat structures. Willows have also been planted to improve riparian habitat and bank stability. Robins Construction will soon begin work on the ADA accessible picnic shelter, designed by Spencer Architecture with inspiration from CU landscape architecture students. Additional park amenities include benches overlooking the playwave, wildlife-proof trashcans, and a privacy structure for river users to change in. A kiosk will also be added, which will include boating safety rules, local information, and map of the Rio Grande highlighting major landmarks and hazards. Construction on the north side of the river is scheduled to finish in early June, at which point the park will be fully open to the public.

Project Map

623 Fourth St 
Alamosa, CO 81101


Project Contact -- Emma Reesor

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