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Rio Grande Basin Plan
In Process

Outreach and Education Program
Through public education and outreach, the RGHRP has successfully established a position in the community as a leader in addressing issues on the Rio Grande. Public outreach is performed to raise awareness of the RGHRP and to encourage landowners to consider participating in projects. The public education and outreach component has involved the development of visual aids showing the specific project sites, conducting interviews and status reports on local radio stations, submitting newspaper articles about RGHRP and the Program’s progress, and giving presentations to local committees. These committees include the Rio Grande Interbasin Roundtable, local conservation and conservancy districts’ boards, and civic organizations. Additionally, the RGHRP through its Education and Outreach Program has held local public meetings in response to requests by interested landowners and public entities.  

Annual Rio Grande Water Leaders Course:
The RGHRP partners with the Rio Grande Water Conservation District, San Luis Valley Water Conservancy District, and Rio Grande Watershed Conservation and Education Initiative to facilitate the Rio Grande Water Leaders Course. The goal of the Rio Grande Water Leaders Course is to provide the opportunity for community members to engage in education and networking to prepare them to take a future role in safeguarding, developing, and managing the water resources of the San Luis Valley. The Water Course introduces state and local water management principles to young professionals and engages them in the local water community. Course topics covered include San Luis Valley hydrology, history of Colorado water development, key court cases, water rights administration, groundwater management, river restoration, and much more. Course participants are presented with Colorado Foundation for Water Education Citizen's Guides that provide a foundation to understand the complexities of water management and policy decisions.