The Consolidated Ditch, Pace Ditch, San Luis Valley Canal, Centennial Ditch, and Rio Grande #2 Ditch divert water off the Rio Grande to irrigate a combined 35,906 acres of agricultural land. Each ditch is facing issues of aging and inefficient diversion infrastructure and the river is impacted by nearby channel instability and sedimentation. The project will see the construction of diversion and headgate replacements, as well as streambank stabilization and riparian restoration adjacent to each location.

The Rio Grande State Wildlife Area (RGSWA) Restoration and Protection Project is the first step in a multi-phased effort in partnership with CPW, the Centennial Ditch Company, and the SLV Canal Company to protect and restore important wetland, riparian, and aquatic habitat surrounding the RGSWA. Currently, the Rio Grande flowing through the RGSWA is degraded and unstable. River dynamics are eroding streambanks at an accelerated rate near water control infrastructure. The project will protect water delivery to irrigation ditches and important wetland and riparian habitat on the RGSWA through engineered streambank stabilization and riparian restoration throughout the project area. Additionally, the project will improve riparian and aquatic habitat throughout the project area. These efforts will ensure that the quantity and quality of available habitat for a number of at-risk species that inhabit the RGSWA are sustained. 

The Rio Grande, Conejos River, and Saguache Creek Stream Management Plan will result in the development of stream management plans (SMPs) for the Rio Grande from Stony Pass to the State Line, Conejos River from Platoro Reservoir to the confluence with the Rio Grande, and Saguache Creek from the USFS Boundary to the Town of Saguache. The creation of the SMPs will include robust community and partner engagement from federal, state, and local entities. The plans will be used to inform multi-objective projects to restore and protect the natural and cultural resources within the Rio Grande watershed.

Current Projects

Mission Statement: The purpose of the Del Norte Riverfront Project is to improve access and opportunities for recreation and the ecological condition of the riparian and wetland areas for fish, wildlife habitat, and water quality on the Rio Grande. Supported by local businesses, the Del Norte Riverfront Project seeks community input to address community needs and improve the local ecology and greater watershed.

The Assessment will provide a comprehensive document of the ecological condition of the mainstem of the Rio Grande and major tributaries from the headwaters to the town of South Fork, identifying causes of concern, and developing a list of prioritized projects that will improve the function of uplands, and riparian and aquatic ecosystems. The Assessment includes an expansive list of Project Partners to provide expertise.