San Luis Valley Canal

Centennial Ditch

Goal: Replace the diversion and headgate with a rock cross vane diversion that is passable by fish and boats, as well as stabilization of surrounding streambanks and riparian habitat restoration.
Status: Completed Spring 2018
Partners: Rio Grande #2 Board, Riverbend Engineering, RGHRP

After: Diversion Dam

Goal: Replace the diversion with a grouted rock structure, stabilize the surrounding streambanks, and restore the riparian habitat
Status: Completed Spring 2018.
Partners: Centennial Ditch Board, CPW, Riverbend Engineering, RGHRP

5 Ditches Project

Construction: Pouring Concrete

Before: ​Diversion Dam

Before: Consolidated Diversion Dam

Construction: ​Rock Structure

After: Diversion Dam 

After: Headgates and Trash rack

Five Ditches Project

Goal: Replace the headgate with automated water control gates, stabilize surrounding streambanks, and restore riparian habitat
Status: Completed Spring 2019.
Partners: San Luis Valley Canal Board, CPW, Riverbend Engineering, RGHRP


The Consolidated Ditch, Pace Ditch, San Luis Valley Canal, Centennial Ditch, and Rio Grande #2 Ditch divert water off the Rio Grande to irrigate a combined 35,906 acres of agricultural land. Each ditch faced issues of aging and inefficient diversion infrastructure, and the river was impacted by nearby channel instability and sedimentation. Additionally, increased water shortages and prolonged drought make accurate water management even more important. Improving the diversion structures and streambanks has improved diversion efficiency and reduced maintenance, enhanced the water quality by reducing erosion, improved wildlife habitat, and enhanced recreation and safety by ensuring the diversions are passable by fish and boats where appropriate.

Before: Diversion Dam

After: Dam before flooding

Consolidated and Pace Ditches

Before: ​Pace Headgate

Project Overview

After: Canal Headgate

Before: ​Consolidated Headgate

After: Dam underwater

Goal: Replace the diversion and headgates with a radial sluice gate and a fish ladder. The new diversion will maintain existing boat passage. The project will also include stabilization of surrounding streambanks and riparian habitat restoration.
Status: Completed in Spring 2019.
Partners: Consolidated Ditch Board, Riverbend Engineering, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Pace Ditch Board, RGHRP

Before: ​Headgate

Before: Canal Headgate

Rio Grande #2

Map and Irrigation Statistics